Case Study: Marketing Management


An iconic restaurant chain engaged Cardinal to develop and execute a short-term promotional and advertising assignment to reverse double-digit comp sales declines, drive guest traffic, and create excitement for employees. Subsequently, our role expanded to include an overall business and brand review.


To address the immediate issue of significant short-term sales declines, Cardinal developed and implemented a successful three-month advertising campaign utilizing print, digital and radio with a minimal budget, directing client’s external agencies and internal resources. 

Additionally Cardinal initiated a business review, which included a brand assessment, a sales performance, real estate, and facility review, menu optimization and budget management.


Cardinal’s promotional program resulted in an 11-point swing from negative to positive comp sales, increased guest counts, 245% increase in database activations, a positive program ROI and importantly bonuses for restaurant employees lifting morale across the system.

Cardinal’s business analysis defined opportunities and gaps, addressed facility upgrades, marketing and merchandising recommendations, and menu and pricing optimization.

From the COO…

“Your program has worked exactly how you said it would work and how we wanted it to work.  It has been a success on many different fronts. It has brought more guests in our door, it has energized the stores with the additional guests and made waiters more money, it has temporarily stopped the bleeding, it has boosted the sales of the stores such that same-store sales are up for the period and they will make their sales bonus. I am reveling in the success of the last month and half and I thank you for that.” 

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